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Future Trends: Are Instant Meals The Next Healthy Escape

We’ve all heard the phrase “time is money.” Now it appears that time is definitely valuable, particularly in the mornings when you are late for work and can’t eat breakfast but can’t miss it since it is ‘the most essential meal of the day.’ There is a tremendous variety of cuisine accessible across the world, but in India, we have unmatched food from north to south and east to west in every direction, and people in India have traditionally enjoyed home-cooked meals. However, as the wind of urbanization picks up, that desire is shifting.

Consumers today are on a tight schedule and are heavily impacted by the ultra-cool western society, which emphasizes speed and convenience. People are increasingly seeking solutions that are quick and easy to prepare while still being healthier than other fast meals and snacks on the market. Indian cuisine producers have caught up on this trend. Several Indian firms are now attempting to tap into the untapped potential of the food sector in order to nurture invention, adapt to quality standards, and boost utility. As a result, ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook meals were born in India.

What brings fire to the instant meal trend?

Fast-paced lifestyle changes have boosted consumer interest in health and wellbeing, and changing consumer requirements have driven demand for clean label and plant-based food categories globally. Plant-based foods have exploded on the market in recent years, and veganism has become popular. From bakery and pastries to pizzas and burgers, from plant-based beverages to ready-to-cook food products, there are numerous possibilities available on the market. People have grown more aware of what goes into their bodies as a result of the epidemic and the two national lockdowns, which have caused them to reconsider what they eat and its influence on the environment.

Ready-to-eat food has gone a long way since its introduction in India in the form of instant noodles, soup, frozen veggies, and frozen snacks. The sector has adapted to changing consumer demands and a diverse customer base. From palak paneer to idli sambar, burger patties to plant-based meats like jackfruit, the Indian food sector has it all. The fast-moving millennials, rapid urbanization, increasing income growth, shifting middle-class population, and changing taste inclinations of Indian shoppers might all be factors in this shift. 

Furthermore, there is a growing desire for ready-to-cook meals that eliminate the need for time-consuming vegetable cutting. These are actual, wholesome veggies that have been pre-chopped to save you time and can be readily prepared to suit your preferences. This shift in food consumption has created a whole new market for Indian food producers. Especially in metropolitan areas, where most working individuals don’t have time to make nutritious meals or are seeking healthier fast food options.

In terms of ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook food, India’s growing urbanization has been a major driving force, particularly in the previous five years. Companies are increasingly focused on specifically prepared dishes due to the vast range of consumers. Another intriguing fact is that such ready-to-eat items are readily available in the country’s main retail chains, supermarkets, and convenience stores. Everyone, from office-going parents to picky youngsters, may find a selection of ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook items. To accommodate the expanding demand, corporations have expanded their item range to include nutrition-based categories in order to serve all of these segments of Indian society. Soya chunks, paneer, and jackfruit are abundant in nutrients and may be prepared to taste with a variety of changes.

In terms of Instant food, there are numerous brands in the market out there who have brought a new face to the instant food domain by bringing in products that not only provide the consumers with the ease of no cooking and instant eating but also give them a healthier alternative to other instant food products. Brands such as Organic Roots have been excelling in the domain by putting forward their unique instant, ready-to-eat recipes that include their organic khichdi which in itself is a complete meal, their organic soup which allows the consumers to enjoy a truly organic and healthy soup out of the box, and the best of all, their organic chutneys which add an exotic flavor to the tongues of the people. So, with the rise of such brands, Instant food in India is all set to become the trend of the future.


With rising consumer expectations and industry trends in mind, there’s a good chance that RTE and RTC meals would not only survive but thrive in India. In a society where everyone is obsessed with their job to the point of workaholism, people frequently lack the time or motivation to cook or are too broke to order takeout, RTE food offers a nutritious, convenient, and diverse alternative.

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