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Gourmet on the go, with our soulful soups, Wholesome meals and authentic Dips


taste the flavors of real veggies and ingredients

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Wholesome Meals

ready to eat meals that will warm
your soul

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Dips & Chutneys

finger licking healthy options to go along with your meals

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Spice up your mealtime with our irresistible curries.

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Your health journey can be fun and easy


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Add water for an instant meal/snack anytime anywhere

Rooted in tradition where food is also an emotion.

Food that will connect you to your deep-rooted emotions. We have re-invented classic Indian dishes and more with technology that ensures the food on your plate is 100% natural and yet true to its authentic flavours. our process helps preserve the nutritional value of the dish, while tapping into age-old cooking traditions, family recipes and home-grown ingredients.

  • sourced

    Fresh ingredients primarily sourced from farmers and farmer groups.

  • cooked

    slow cooked to perfection by experienced chefs using curated Indian recipes

  • dried

    superior dehydration techniques preserve nutrients and original flavours

  • packaged

    light-weight eco-conscious packing, easy to carry and ready to eat in 3 minutes

  • delivered

    made in India with the best of regional flavours and available across the globe

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